Thursday, January 5, 2017

PC Software: Installing or Updating Logitech Gaming Software Will Not Progress Beyond Overwolf Installation Option

I recently had to replace my trusty Logitech G502 mouse on my gaming rig due to hardware failure and I selected the wireless G900 Chaos Spectrum as a replacement (yeah, I know, expensive!). Initial installation went smoothly and the mouse worked fairly well but I noticed unusual behavior in mouse movement and clicks especially when the battery was under 40%. After not finding new mouse firmware I noticed a new version of the control software was available.

Running the installer failed at the Overwolf installation option screen. No matter how long I waited or how many times I clicked the Next button, it would not advance to the next step. Uninstalling the older software and rebooting did not help. It turns out the issue was having the USB gaming receiver connected. Removing the receiver allowed the installation to proceed normally. The new software fixed the issue I was seeing for what ever reason (maybe it was the uninstall and reinstall that cleaned up bad settings).

The Logitech Gaming Software installer should warn about having the USB gaming receiver removed from the PC and to use the USB charging cable to run the mouse. I did not see any mention of this in the installer although the installation instructions in the manuals do.

BTW, I don’t install Overwolf. Overwolf allows LED lighting customization on various Logitech products based on game profiles. I don’t particularly find it useful.

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