Thursday, November 5, 2015

PC Software: Fences move between monitors on SLI or Crossfire changes with multiple monitors

Has this happened to you? A new GPU driver is released, you download it, and install. Then, your Stardock Fences move between monitors. Usually this happens with Fences not created or placed on the primary monitor (monitor number 1).

When SLI or Crossfire (more so with SLI than Crossfire) changes state (i.e. from on to off during driver installation), the monitor resolutions and numbers change temporarily. This may cause Fences, if configured to do so, to move the Fences and resize them to the primary monitor. Occasionally I have seen them move to other than the primary monitor and almost always happens when installing a new driver but not disabling multi-GPU support first. There is an easy work around for this however it disables the auto-layout on resolution changes.
  1. Right click on the desktop or a Fence and select Configure Fences.

  2. Select the Layout and snapping link on the left under Features.
  3. In the Layout auto-adjustments section under On screen resolution changes... select the Don't preserve my desktop layout radio button.
  4. Click the close icon on the title bar to save and exit.

 I've found through experimentation that when SLI mode changes from on to off when installing a new driver or by manually performing the change, the other settings do not work as expected. Your mileage may vary. It could be an issue with my particular set of OS, drivers, hardware, and so on.

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